About Us

Jiangsu Qinheng Co., Ltd is located in the core area of Nanjing software valley. It’s a High-tech enterprise based on technology dominant. Research & development and sales interface class IC, SOC/MCU class IC and embedded software is our core business. In the current high-tech information age, product with High-Tech and Humanization plays a crucial role for the future development. Stand on the front-line of science and technology, Jiangsu Qinheng is increasing R&D investment, optimizing R&D system, striving for development on the basis of technology. At present, we have a professional research team with a strong independent R&D capacity, and get multinomial of independent intellectual property rights like integrated circuit layout design right, software copyright, patent and so on. We focus on R&D and innovation and our brand building also. We have registered the international trademark in many countries and regions including the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong and so on. Jiangsu Qinheng is considered to be national High-New technology enterprise, integrated circuit design enterprise, Jiangsu privately-held technology enterprise, Jiangsu small and medium-sized technology based enterprise, the Contract and Accredit enterprise. 

Jiangsu Qinheng cooperates with multitudinous professional company domestic and abroad, centre on the core business. We provide the integrated circuit and whole application solutions which own independent intellectual property rights. Our product are positioned on Professional and easy to use. The products are mainly applied in the fields of financial fiscal, information security, and industrial control and so on. Our technology service and application project covering the architecture of electronic circuit, MCU, DSP and embedded software , computer system, we offer the professional technology service especially in the aspect of MCU system networking, connectivity between electronics and computer, bottom software and hardware information of the computer. Our advantage is seamless connection and cooperation, mutual penetration and transmutation between the software and hardware, and takes this to offer a whole professional and high cost performance application solution.

In the future, Jiangsu Qinheng will continue to be devoted to lead the development of domestic IC industry, to deal with the challenge of rapidly changes of the global IC field, to be your professional and dependable partner.

Vision: condensing wisdom, changing life

Mission: agglomerating in the chip, specializing in the industry, converting technological innovation into customer value

Core value: responsibility, enterprising, collaboration