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CH340DS1.PDF 3.2 2022-05-24 213KB
CH340 datasheet, USB bus converter chip which converts USB to serial port, printer port, IrDA SIR etc. Integrated clock, supports various operating systems, chip information can be customized, this datasheet is about USB to serial port and USB to Infrared Adapter SIR.
CH452DS1.PDF 2.7 2021-11-29 368KB
CH452 datasheet. CH452 can be used for 64 LEDs or 8×8 segment digital tube drive and 64-key keyboard scanning control, simplifying the workload of MCU.
CH579DS1.PDF 1.8 2021-11-19 1.37MB
CH579 datasheet. A microcontroller with 32-bit Cortex-M0 core for BLE wireless communication. It provides 250K ROM and 32K SRAM, and the minimum power is 0.2uA. It integrates with Ethernet controller and transceiver, full-speed USB host and device controller and transceiver, segment LCD driver module, 12-bit ADC, touch-key detection module, RTC, etc. It also provides Ethernet and Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack and API.
CH423DS1.PDF 2.1 2022-04-11 201KB
CH423 datasheet. A remote I/O expander with 2-wire serial interface, used for 16 digital tube display or I/O expansion applications through two wires. The input terminal is a two-wire interface compatible with I2C, and the output terminal is an 8-bit bidirectional input/output port and a 16-bit high-current output port.
CH9141DS1.PDF 2.1 2021-11-29 292KB
CH9141 datasheet. BLE and UART bidirectional transparent transmission chip, supports BLE and UART interface configuration, provides IO, ADC and other functions. It is convenient for serial device to realize BLE connection. The computer end provides BLE virtual serial port driver, compatible with common serial application program and serial port debug tools. CH9141 realizes wireless UART and UART extension, without secondary development.
CH32F103DS0.PDF 1.3 2022-04-12 1.62MB
CH32F103 datasheet. A 32-bit Cortex-M3 core general-purpose MCU. CH32F103 integrates dual USB2.0 controllers, multi-channel TouchKey, 12-bit DAC, multi-channel 12-bit ADC, timers, CAN communication controller, I2C/UART/SPI and other peripheral resources.
CH569DS1.PDF 1.2 2022-08-06 1.44MB
CH569 datasheet. USB3.0 super-high-speed interface microcontroller based on the RISC-V instruction set. Peripherals include USB3.0 SuperSpeed and USB2.0 HighSpeed host and device controller and transceiver PHY, Gigabit Ethernet controller, dedicated high-speed SerDes controller and transceiver PHY, SD/EMMC interface controller, encryption/decryption module, high-speed parallel interface and digital video port (DVP).
CH9329DS1.PDF 1.1 2021-11-18 210KB
CH9329 datasheet, serial port to standard USB HID keyboard/mouse/custom HID device, supports multiple working modes and serial communication modes.
CH343DS1.PDF 1.5 2021-11-18 241KB
CH343 datasheet, USB to single serial port, supports up to 6M baud rate, serial port signals support 5V/3.3V/2.5V/1.8V, built-in crystal oscillator. CH343 supports built-in CDC driver in operating system or multi-functional high-speed VCP manufacture driver.
CH382DS0.PDF 1 2021-07-05 103KB
CH382 Brief, which converts PCI-Express bus to dual serial ports, and printer/parallel port. Supports up to 8Mbps baud rate, used for PCIE high-speed serial port with automatic hardware flow control, serial ports networking, RS485 communication, parallel/printer port expansion, etc.