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CH344DS1.PDF 1.3 2021-11-18 135KB
CH344 datasheet, USB to quad serial ports, supports up to 230400bps baud rate, supports USB parameters configuration. CH344 supports built-in CDC driver in operating system or multi-functional high-speed VCP manufacture driver.
CH372DS1.PDF 4.0 2021-11-29 213KB
CH372/CH375/CH376 (device mode) datasheet. Easy-to-use USB-DEVICE general interface chip, used for users to quickly develop USB products. This datasheet introduces the basic transfer commands of USB devices.
CH554DS1.PDF 1.7 2021-11-19 826KB
CH554 datasheet. CH554 is an 8-bit E8051 MCU and supports low-speed USB host/slave and full-speed USB host/slave, with feature of low cost. It provides 16K program ROM and 1K+256 RAM, supports USB host and USB device, ADC, Touch-key, 3 sets of timers, PWM, 2 UARTs and SPI, etc.
CH370DS1.PDF 1.2 2021-11-29 164KB
CH370 datasheet. General purpose USB interface chip, with parallel port/SPI control interface. CH370 supports USB Host mode, supports all types of transmission, HUB operation, and provides USB flash disk file system library.
CH450DS1.PDF 2.0 2021-11-19 188KB
CH450 datasheet. CH450 is used for driver of 48 LEDs or 6 digital tubes and for 48-key keyboard scan control, compatible with high-speed two-wire interface.
CH422DS1.PDF 2.0 2021-12-03 162KB
CH422 datasheet. Remote I/O expander chip of two-wire serial interface, used for display of 4 digital tubes and I/O expansion application. The input is a two-wire interface compatible with I2C, and the output is an 8-bit bidirectional I/O port and 4-bit large-current output port.
BLE-SER.PDF 1.3 2021-11-29 1.59MB
BLE-SER module datasheet. BLE to UART module, supports BLE master-slave integrated mode and BLE4.2, can realize automatic connection or binding in BLE master-slave mode. The computer end provides BLE virtual serial port driver, compatible with common serial application program and serial port debug tools. BLE-SER realizes wireless UART and UART extension, without secondary development.
CH224DS1.PDF 1.6 2021-11-19 1.19MB
CH224 datasheet. CH224 can act as Type-C UFP and support multiple fast charging protocols such as PD on Type-C and Type-A interfaces. It supports E-Mark simulation and the maximum supported power is 100W. The request voltage can be adjusted in real time.
CH372DS3.PDF 1.0 2021-11-29 78.3KB
USB bus interface chip CH372G (serial bus parallel mode) datasheet. The sixteen CH372G chips can be connected to the asynchronous serial bus at the same time.
CH376DS2.PDF 1.0 2021-11-29 125KB
CH376 datasheet (Ⅱ). Easy-to-use USB flash disk and SD card file management chip, supports host-slave USB applications, supports FAT32/FAT16/FAT12, supports SPI/8-bit parallel port/asynchronous serial port. MCU resource occupies less memory. This datasheet introduces USB basic transfer commands and external firmware in device mode.