Qinheng release the 8 bit enhanced USB Series MCU


At the very beginning of 2015, Qinheng launched the 8 bit enhanced USB Series MCU CH559/CH558. Currently, the CH559/CH558 has being on bulk shipment.

CH559 is an 8 bit enhanced MCU with the E8051 core, the processing speed is higher than 1T, built-in 6K+256B RAM, 60K Code Flash, 1K Data Flash and 3K Boot Loader.

CH559 contains two USB interface, one with the USB HOST/DEVICE interface and the other one is with one USB HOST interface, could operate both USB devices simultaneously, could read and write the commonly used USB storage devices(USB Disk/USB hard disk/USB flash disk) once take the section as the basic unit.

CH558 contains one USB DEVICE interface of full-speed USB2.0, built-in 4K+256B RAM, 32K Code Flash, 5K Data Flash and 3K Boot Loader. CH558 is the best choice for the development of USB Device Class.

At present, CH559/CH558 has being widely used in all kinds of product, financial equipment like currency-counting machine, card reader and so on; consumer electronics like game handle, game peripheral adapter and so on; instrumentation like temperature and humidity acquisition instrument, temperature controller and so on.

The detailed data link for CH559/CH558 is as following: http://wch.cn/productcenter/5.html