Information Name      Date Size Version
FDD_UDD.TXT 2007-09-25 2.81KB 1.2 Simulate Floppy Disk Drive(SFDD)
Simulate 3.5 inch 1.44MB Floppy Drive and the
connection is same with floppy drive
used to replace FDD in PC/industrial control
machine/embedded system/industrial device,hardware,don't need to modify application
CH365EVT.ZIP 2006-03-13 1.18MB 2.0 The Evaluation Board about CH365,PCI application,
and relative example program
Used for upgrade I/O board of former ISA bus,
and simple PCI board I/O,
providing PCI circuit,PCB design,and PCI interrupt
providing some application example of VC/VB/BC
CH375X86.ZIP 2007-12-12 525KB 1.9 The read/write USB Flash Drive project in PC
industrial control machine or embedded system
which is compatible with 8086,80X86
Contains device drive program supporting
DOS,WIN3.X and WIN95/98,supporting USb Flash Drive
induction or simulate USB Flash Drive to logic
disk,supporting USB Flash Drive hot
Detach&Reattach,supporting PCI or ISA board,PC104
or serial board. the exchange and backup data
between industrial control machin and outside is