Information Name      Date Size Version
CH374DS1.PDF 2007-09-24 207KB 2.0 The DataSheet about CH374
USB-HOST&DEVICE interface chip,supports USB-HOST
and USB-DEVICE,supports USB full-speed 12M and
low-speed 1.5M,8-bit parallel interface or SPI UART
CH365DS1.PDF 2005-12-21 270KB 1.4 The DataSheet about CH365  
PCI-SLAVE interface chip, used for collection
board/IO controller board/communication board etc.
CH375DS1.PDF 2007-11-09 225KB 3.5 The DataSheet of CH375
handy and wieldy USB-HOST&DEVICE common interface
chip, supports host/slave application
This datasheet is about USB-HOST mode
CH452DS1.PDF 2006-10-26 309KB 1.1 The DataSheet about CH452
Used for numeric display and keyboard scan,lighten
the work of MCU
CH340DS1.PDF 2007-11-12 137KB 1.4 The DataSheet about CH340
Used for USB to serial/IrDA infrared/printer port
This datasheet is about USB to serial/USB infrared
adapter SIR