USB 2.0 extender control chipCH317


CH317 is a USB2.0 extender control chip that breaks the USB transmission distance by no more than 5 meters. The USB signal is extended by more than 100 meters through a low-cost network cable; the optical fiber is used to extend the USB signal by more than 6 kilometers. Support USB high speed, full speed, low speed, support hot swap, compatible with all operating systems and no need to install additional driver software, support HUB extended USB device port, support for connecting switches, support IO extension to achieve remote power on and off and restart functions, can be widely used In computer peripheral products, industrial control, medical equipment, security monitoring and other fields. The solution is a two-chip solution consisting of a CH317 plus Gigabit Ethernet PHY or fiber optic interface PHY and peripheral auxiliary components. According to different transmission media, it can be divided into two types: network cable extension and fiber extension. The application block diagram is as follows:


  • USB extended distance, support USB2.0 signal fiber extension, distance up to 6 kilometers or more; support network cable extension, generally more than 5 types of network cable about 100 meters, 6 types of network cable 170 meters.
  • Supports a variety of USB peripherals, such as USB printers, scanners, cameras, USB sticks, keyboards, mice, etc., supports HUB expansion.
  • No additional software installation, compatible with all operating systems.
  • Support USB device hot swap, plug and play.
  • It can be used for transformer isolation or optical isolation of USB2.0 high speed signals.
  • Support switch penetration, increase the distance of the network cable through the switch, or integrate with other network transmission signals for transmission.
  • Support 2 sets of I/O synchronous extension control, which can realize remote input and output control of computer remote switch or custom I/O signal.
  • Provide 12M clock output for clock input of HUB chip.
  • The chip automatically recognizes the configuration of the USB host and device mode.
  • 3.3V single-supply external input, supporting 2.5V RGMII interface voltage.