FIFO memory chip: CH424


CH424 is a 4K byte capacity FIFO memory chip. CH424 has two 8-bit passive parallel ports: Incoming W and Out R. CH424 is connected to the system bus of the MCU/DSP/MCU/MPU controller through 8-bit data lines and control lines such as read, write and chip select. It is suitable for connecting single chip microcomputer and single chip microcomputer, single chip microcomputer and DSP/MCU. The figure below is a block diagram of its general application.


  • 4Kx 8 bit FIFO.
  • 8 bit parallel interface:
  • W end/entrance:8 bit Bidirectional tri-state data bus(WD7~WD0), chip select(W_CS), write operation(W_WR), read operation(W_RD);
  • R end/outlet:8 bit Bidirectional tri-state data bus(WD7~WD0), chip select(W_CS), read operation(W_RD), address(R_A0).
  • You can query the FIFO used space and the number of bytes of free space at any time, which is convenient for block reading and writing.
  • FIFO full status line FULL and FIFO empty status line EMPT are provided, active low.
  • Supports 5V supply voltage, 3.3V supply voltage and 3V supply voltage.
  • The LQFP-44 is available in a lead-free package, compatible withRoHS.