LCD display driver chip CH463


CH463 is the display driver chip for LCD. The CH463 has a built-in clock oscillation circuit that supports 128 points (16×8), 48 points (12×4) and other LCD panels. It can also perform 35-key (based on 7×5 matrix) keyboard scan; CH463 exchanges data with a single-chip microcomputer through a 2-wire serial interface.


2.1. Display driver

  • Supports up to 16×8 LCD panels, 16 SEGs, and 8 COMs.
  • Supports 1/4 duty, 1/3 bias or 1/8 duty, 1/4 bias and other LCD specifications.
  • Support frame frequency adjustment.
  • Built-in bias circuit, external VLCD pin, used to adjust LCD operating voltage.
  • Provides 64 levels of PWM for LCD backlight adjustment.

2.2. keyboard control

  • Built-in 35-key keyboard controller based on 7×5 matrix keyboard scan.
  • Pull-up resistor with built-in button status input, built-in debounce circuit.
  • Keyboard interrupt output, active low.
  • Support for combination keys.

2.3. Others

  • A GPIO general purpose input and output extension pin (a pin that is not used for the keyboard scan matrix) is provided.
  • Two-wire serial interface, compatible with the I2C bus, saving pins.
  • Buzzer drive output is available, 2 frequencies are available.
  • Built-in clock oscillating circuit, no need to provide external clock or external oscillating components, more anti-interference.
  • LQFP44 is available in a lead-free package, compatible with RoHS.