USB Android Host Controller CH9343


The CH9343 is a highly integrated, low power, single-chip full-speed USB Android Host interface controller that can be configured with six expansion interfaces: UART, GPIO, PWM, I2C master, SPI master and SPI slave for built-in USB device interface Android devices access external components. The figure below shows its internal block diagram.


  • Full speed USB host interface, USB 2.0 compatible;
  • Built-in USB protocol processing, no need to program it;
  • Hardware full-duplex asynchronous serial port, supporting MODEM signal RTS and CTS and RS485 transceiver control signal TNOW;
  • 16 GPIO and 2 PWM outputs;
  • Clock adjusted for I2C host interface;
  • MSB/LSB byte transmission order adjusted for SPI master/slave interface;
  • Provides USB device configuration completion indication;
  • Supports 5V and 3.3V power supply even supports as low as 3V;
  • RoHS compliant SOP-16, LQFP-48 lead-free package.


Development Information

Datasheet: CH9343DS.PDF

Schematic & Tools & Samples: CH9343EVT.ZIP