USB Type-C to Audio + Fast Charge Solution


CH226 is a USB Type-C to audio + fast charging IC, mainly to solve the problem that users who use phones with Type-C headphone jacks cannot use the headphones while phones are charging. The embedded USB PD controller can easily implement PD communication control. CH226 complies with USB Type-C 1.2 and USB PD 3.0 specifications. Streamlined peripherals. It can be widely used in PD adapters, Type-C HUBs, Type-C to audio applications, etc.


  • Support positive and negative insertion, no driver required.
  • Support audio expansion of Type-C interface for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Implement PD protocol related communication control. Streamlined peripherals.
  • Support boost, to increase charging power.
  • ESSOP10 package, easy to miniaturize design
  • CH225 supports 5V charging, CH226 supports boost charging

Typical Applications