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CH247 1.1 2022-06-07 157KB
CH247 datasheet. CH247 is a wireless power controller. CH247 supports Qi protocol, and supports up to 15W output power.

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CH246DS1.PDF CH246 datasheet. Wireless Charging Management Chip, integrates with wireless charging transceiver module and small signal decoding circuit, can easily implement various WPC Qi wireless charging solutions in addition to some customer-defined software.
CH241DS1.PDF CH241 datasheet. CH241 is a wireless power receiver, which integrates Qi BPP protocol. CH241 supports up to 5W output power. Adjustable output voltage.
CH224DS1.PDF CH224 datasheet. CH224 can act as Type-C UFP and support multiple fast charging protocols such as PD on Type-C and Type-A interfaces. It supports E-Mark simulation and the maximum supported power is 100W. The request voltage can be adjusted in real time.