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CH32L103 1.6 2024-07-04 3.89MB
PDUSB Low Power Microcontroller CH32L103 Series Reference Manual. For the application development of users, the detailed use information of CH32L103 products is provided, including ADC, OPA, CMP, USB, PD and Type-C fast charging, which is suitable for different functional resources and packaged products in the series.

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CH32L103DS0.PDF PDUSB Low Power Microcontroller CH32L103 Datasheet, L103 is a MCU based on QingKe RISC-V core, 64KB FLASH and 20K RAM, up to 96MHz, supports USB and PD and Type-C, and provides commonly used peripheral functions such as ADC, OPA, CMP, SPI, Serial port, Touch Key Detection.