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CH421 2.1 2021-11-29 162KB
CH421 datasheet. Bidirectional buffer interface chip. The CH421 supports parallel port communication, asynchronous data exchange, no need to synchronization or waiting during read/write operations. The maximum transfer speed is not less than 7Mbytes per second. It can be used for 8-bit parallel port exchange data between two MCUs.

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CH424DS1.PDF CH424 datasheet. First-in-first-out memory chip. The CH424 provides 4KB on-chip FIFO. The use space can be checked at any time. It can be used to synchronize data blocks with 8-bit parallel ports between two MCUs.
CH423DS1.PDF CH423 datasheet. A remote I/O expander with 2-wire serial interface, used for 16 digital tube display or I/O expansion applications through two wires. The input terminal is a two-wire interface compatible with I2C, and the output terminal is an 8-bit bidirectional input/output port and a 16-bit high-current output port.