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CH543 1.5 2023-09-20 910KB
CH543/CH542/CH541/CH540 datasheet. A USB communication and USB PD power management dual-role 8-bit PM-MCU, supports full-speed and low-speed USB Host and USB Device. It provides embedded PD PHY transceiver and controller. It also provides PWM, UART, I2C slave and other functional modules. It supports 12V high-voltage input, and is suited for Type-C PD products.

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CH549DS1.PDF CH549/CH548 datasheet. An 8-bit enhanced USB MCU with multiple interfaces. It provides 64K program ROM and 2K+256 RAM. It supports USB host, USB device and Type-C CC and PD. It provides 16-channel Touch-key, 16-channel ADC, 3 sets of timers, 8-channel PWM, 4-channel UART and SPI, etc.