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CH641 1.4 2024-03-12 491KB
PD wireless charging MCU datasheet, CH641 is based on QingKe RISC-V core, 1-wire SDI, built-in PD PHY, BC interface, differential current sampling, motor PWM, single chip built-in 12V high-voltage IO driver MOS, supports typeC fast charging, provides overvoltage and overtemperature protection.

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CH32X035RM.PDF Information change in the download page (Software introduction/application scope):The CH32X035 series reference manual, developed for the user's application, provides detailed information on the use of the CH32X035 products for the different functional resources and packages in the series.
CH32X035DS0.PDF USB+USBPD microcontroller CH32X035 datasheet, X035 is an MCU based on QingKe RISC-V core with 64KB FLASH and 20K RAM, supporting USB and PD and type C. It provides ADC, OPA, CMP, SPI, serial port, Touchkey detection and other common peripheral functions.
CH246DS1.PDF CH246 datasheet. Wireless Charging Management Chip, integrates with wireless charging transceiver module and small signal decoding circuit, can easily implement various WPC Qi wireless charging solutions in addition to some customer-defined software.
CH247DS1.PDF CH247 datasheet. CH247 is a wireless power controller. CH247 supports Qi protocol, and supports up to 15W output power.
CH543DS1.PDF CH543/CH542/CH541/CH540 datasheet. A USB communication and USB PD power management dual-role 8-bit PM-MCU, supports full-speed and low-speed USB Host and USB Device. It provides embedded PD PHY transceiver and controller. It also provides PWM, UART, I2C slave and other functional modules. It supports 12V high-voltage input, and is suited for Type-C PD products.
CH641RM.PDF The application manual for PD wireless charging microcontroller CH641, provides detailed usage information of PD, type-C, PWM, serial port, ADC, differential current sampling, QI decoding and other functional modules for user application development.