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CH9444,CH9445 1.2 2023-08-17 364KB
CH9444/CH9445 datasheet. A super-speed MUX IC. 4:6 cross-point super-speed differential signal MUX switch. Supports cross-channel switch of 10Gbps, 5Gbps and 480Mbps USB3.1 signals, 8Gbps DP1.4 signals and other differential signals. Used in applications such as Type-C to DP, Type-C to DP+USB3.0, etc.

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CH449DS1.PDF CH449 datasheet. Dual 4×4 matrix analog switch chip, supports I2C communication, 1.8V to 5V wide voltage. The typical value of Ron is about 5Ω. CH449 supports switch of 4 inputs and 4 outputs differential signals or 2 groups of independent 4 inputs and 4 outputs single-ended signals. CH449 can be used for multiple arbitrary routing of video, USB2.0 and other signals.
CH482DS1.PDF CH482/CH483/CH486 datasheet. The CH482/CH483 is a differential 2:1 USB3.0 Super-Speed analog switch IC, which supports USB 3.0 Super Speed, PCIe Gen1/2, SATA/SAS 1.5G/3G/6G, Display Port and so on. The CH486F is a differential 4:1 USB2.0 Super-Speed analog switch IC.