file name version upload time size
CH32V307DS0.PDF 3.0 2024-03-11 1.48MB
CH32V307 is a high-capacity general-purpose microcontroller designed based on 32-bit RISC-V core, equipped with V4F core and supports single-precision floating-point instruction set for higher computing performance. It supports USB2.0 high-speed interface (480Mbps) with built-in PHY transceiver, Gigabit Ethernet MAC, etc.
CH9350DS.PDF 2.3 2021-11-19 195KB
CH9350 datasheet. A controller chip that realizes USB keyboard/mouse to UART communication. The transmission distance is extended through UART. It is convenient for KVM products to manage and control USB keyboard and USB mouse remotely.
QingKeV2_Processor_Manual.PDF 1.2 2024-05-07 350KB
QingKe V2 series microprocessor manual,QingKe V2 series microprocessor is a 32-bit general-purpose MCU microprocessor based on the standard RISC-V instruction set RV32I subset RV32E, with only 16 general-purpose registers, half of RV32I, and a more streamlined structure for deep embedded scenarios. V2 series supports standard RV32EC instruction extensions, in addition to custom XW extensions, Hardware Prologue/Epilogue (HPE), Vector Table Free (VTF), a more streamlined single-wire serial debug interface (SDI), and support for "WFE" instructions.
CH9326DS1.PDF 1.6 2021-11-18 245KB
CH9326 datasheet, USB HID to serial port, built-in crystal oscillator, supports built-in HID driver in operating system.
CH351DS1.PDF 1.1 2021-12-10 202KB
CH351 datasheet, PCI bus to dual serial ports or printer port chip, used for PCI to dual serial ports, PCI to printer port (parallel port). Supports Windows/Linux/macOS, etc.This datasheet is about PCI to dual serial ports.
CH315DS1.PDF 2.2 2021-12-03 139KB
CH315 datasheet. CH315G is a USB1.1 extension cable control chip. The extension distance of network cable can be up to 300 meters. CH315H is a USB signal isolation control chip, used for optoelectronic isolator.
CH365DS1.PDF 1.4 2021-12-10 664KB
CH365 datasheet, PCI-SLAVE to communication interfaces chip, supports I/O port mapping, memory mapping, expansion ROM and interrupt, used for acquisition card/IO control card/communication card, etc.
CH558DS1.PDF 1.4 2023-05-15 762KB
CH558 datasheet, low/full-speed USB device + ADC 8-bit E8051 MCU, 40K program ROM, 4K+256 memory RAM, supports full-speed or low-speed USB devices, provides ADC, 4 groups of timers and PWM, dual serial ports, SPI, etc.
CH456DS1.PDF 1.1 2021-11-29 186KB
CH456 datasheet. CH456 is used for 16 digital tubes display drive and 64-key keyboard scanning. CH456 supports 2-wire serial interface, and is compatible with IIC, simplifying the workload of MCU.
CH334DS1.PDF 2.5 2024-03-26 409KB
CH334/CH335 datasheet. 4-port USB2.0 high-speed HUB controller. CH334/CH335 supports high-performance MTT, and supports over-current detection and port power control. One of the downstream facing ports of CH335 supports USB3.0 SuperSpeed passthrough upstream facing port. It can be applied to computers, industrial computer motherboards, peripherals, embedded systems, etc.