file name version upload time size
CH344DS1.PDF 1.5 2022-05-24 331KB
CH344 datasheet, USB to quad serial ports, supports up to 6Mbps baud rate, supports USB parameters configuration, provides RS485 direction control and GPIO and other signal pins. CH344 supports built-in CDC driver in operating system or multi-functional high-speed VCP manufacture driver.
CH457DS1.PDF 2.0 2021-11-29 131KB
CH457 datasheet. 128-LED display driver. The CH457 dynamically drives 128 LEDs with 32-bit 4-segment structure or 16-bit 8-segment structure, and supports 2-wire/3-wire serial interface.
CH342DS1.PDF 1.5 2022-01-27 190KB
CH342 datasheet, USB to dual serial port, supports up to 3M baud rate, serial port signals supports 1.8V~5V, built-in crystal oscillator. CH342 supports built-in CDC driver in operating system or multi-functional high-speed VCP manufacture driver.
CH455DS1.PDF 1.5 2021-11-29 192KB
CH455 datasheet. CH455 can be used for 32 LEDs or 4 digital tubes drive, and 28-key keyboard and 3 combination keys scanning control.
CH421DS1.PDF 2.1 2021-11-29 162KB
CH421 datasheet. Bidirectional buffer interface chip. The CH421 supports parallel port communication, asynchronous data exchange, no need to synchronization or waiting during read/write operations. The maximum transfer speed is not less than 7Mbytes per second. It can be used for 8-bit parallel port exchange data between two MCUs.
CH372DS1.PDF 4.0 2021-11-29 213KB
CH372/CH375/CH376 (device mode) datasheet. Easy-to-use USB-DEVICE general interface chip, used for users to quickly develop USB products. This datasheet introduces the basic transfer commands of USB devices.
CH554DS1.PDF 1.8 2022-08-08 827KB
CH554 datasheet. CH554 is an 8-bit E8051 MCU and supports low-speed USB host/slave and full-speed USB host/slave, with feature of low cost. It provides 16K program ROM and 1K+256 RAM, supports USB host and USB device, ADC, Touch-key, 3 sets of timers, PWM, 2 UARTs and SPI, etc.
CH370DS1.PDF 1.2 2021-11-29 164KB
CH370 datasheet. General purpose USB interface chip, with parallel port/SPI control interface. CH370 supports USB Host mode, supports all types of transmission, HUB operation, and provides USB flash disk file system library.
CH451DS1.PDF 4.5 2021-11-29 296KB
CH451 datasheet. CH451 can be used for 8×8 segment digital tube drive and 64-key keyboard scanning control, cascading 10MHz high-speed 4-wire interface to simplify the workload of MCU.
CH247DS1.PDF 1.1 2022-06-07 157KB
CH247 datasheet. CH247 is a wireless power controller. CH247 supports Qi protocol, and supports up to 15W output power.