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CH422DS1.PDF 2.0 2021-12-03 162KB
CH422 datasheet. Remote I/O expander chip of two-wire serial interface, used for display of 4 digital tubes and I/O expansion application. The input is a two-wire interface compatible with I2C, and the output is an 8-bit bidirectional I/O port and 4-bit large-current output port.
CH9143DS1.PDF 1.2 2022-08-06 291KB
CH9143 datasheet. BLE/UART/USB transceiver. The CH9143 implements data transfer among BLE, USB and UART. It supports BLE master-slave mode and slave mode, and supports BLE4.2. A PC-side virtual serial port driver is provided, compatible with common serial port applications and serial debug tools, no secondary development required, easy to implement transmission between 3 "serial ports".
CH32F208DS0.PDF 2.4 2022-10-28 878KB
CH32F208 datasheet,CH32F208 series is an industrial-grade wireless microcontroller based on the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 core. The series is independent of GPIO voltage (separate from system power supply), on-chip integration of 2Mbps low-power Bluetooth BLE communication module, 10M Ethernet MAC+PHY module, USB2.0 full-speed device+host/device interface, CAN controller, etc.
WCH-LinkUserManual.PDF 1.8 2023-08-01 1.19MB
WCH-LinkUserManual introduces the basic functions of WCH-Link emulator and debugger, how to use it, and the solutions to common problems.
BLE-SER.PDF 1.4 2022-06-30 1.62MB
BLE-SER manual. A BLE to UART module, supports BLE master-slave mode and slave mode, and supports BLE4.2. It can implement automatic connection and binding in BLE master-slave mode. Available PC-side BLE virtual serial port driver, which is compatible with common serial applications and serial port debug tools, with no secondary development required, implementing wireless UART and UART extension.
CH224DS1.PDF 1.6 2022-04-25 1.03MB
CH224 datasheet. CH224 can act as Type-C UFP and support multiple fast charging protocols such as PD on Type-C and Type-A interfaces. It supports E-Mark simulation and the maximum supported power is 100W. The request voltage can be adjusted in real time.
CH372DS3.PDF 1.0 2021-11-29 78.3KB
USB bus interface chip CH372G (serial bus parallel mode) datasheet. The sixteen CH372G chips can be connected to the asynchronous serial bus at the same time.
BLE-TPT.PDF 1.4 2022-06-30 1.75MB
BLE-TPT manual. The BLE-TPT implements bidirectional transfer between BLE and serial port, supports serial port and BLE interface configuration, and provides IO, ADC and other functions to facilitate serial devices to achieve BLE connection, the computer-side provides BLE virtual serial port driver, compatible with common serial port applications and serial port debug tools, with no secondary development required, easy to communicate with serial ports, easy to get rid of the cable limit.
CH376DS2.PDF 1.0 2021-11-29 125KB
CH376 datasheet (Ⅱ). Easy-to-use USB flash disk and SD card file management chip, supports host-slave USB applications, supports FAT32/FAT16/FAT12, supports SPI/8-bit parallel port/asynchronous serial port. MCU resource occupies less memory. This datasheet introduces USB basic transfer commands and external firmware in device mode.
CH351DS2.PDF 1.1 2021-12-10 133KB
CH351 datasheet, PCI bus to dual serial ports or printer port chip, used for PCI to dual serial ports, PCI to printer port (parallel port). Supports Windows/Linux/macOS, etc.This datasheet is about PCI to printer port.