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CH9140DS1.PDF 1.2 2021-11-29 330KB
CH9140 datasheet. BLE to UART bridge controller, supports BLE master-slave integrated mode and slave mode, can realize automatic connection or binding in BLE master-slave mode. The computer end provides BLE virtual serial port driver, compatible with common serial application program and serial port debug tools. CH9140 realizes wireless UART and UART extension, without secondary development.
CH547DS1.PDF 1.6 2023-07-07 771KB
CH547/CH546 datasheet. 8-bit enhanced multi-interface USB MCU, with 64KB FlashROM, 1KB+256B RAM. The CH547/CH546 supports USB device, 12-channel ADC, 3 timers, 4 channels of PWM, 4 UARTs, SPI, etc.
CH9344DS1.PDF 1.3 2021-11-18 726KB
CH9344 datasheet, USB to quad serial ports, supports up to 12Mbps baud rate and hardware flowcontrol, provides RS485 direction control and GPIO and other signal pins, which can expand UART for computer or upgrade directly common serial device or MCU to USB bus.
CH395DS1.PDF 1.4 2021-11-29 378KB
CH395 datasheet. TCP/IP Ethernet protocol stack chip, integrated 10/100M MAC and PHY transceiver, built-in DHCP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP, UDP and TCP protocol firmware, supports SPI/8-bit parallel port/asynchronous serial port and up to 8 sockets, supports MCU system to connect to Ethernet.
CH376DS1.PDF 1.1 2021-11-29 364KB
CH376 datasheet. Easy-to-use USB flash disk and SD card file management chip, supports host-slave USB applications, supports FAT32/FAT16/FAT12, supports SPI/8-bit parallel port/asynchronous serial port. MCU resource occupies less memory. This datasheet introduces USB flash disk and SD card file read/write and management.
CH32FV2x_V3xRM.PDF 2.1 2024-03-11 6.11MB
CH32FV2x_V3xRM reference manual. A general-purpose microcontroller based on 32-bit RISC-V architecture. It features high-efficiency interrupt response, standard flash protection, hardware division and floating-point operation. It is equipped with abundant peripheral sources, such as USB2.0 host/device controller, BLE5.3, Ethernet, CAN controllers, 12-bit DAC/ADC, 8 USARTs/UARTs, motor timer, OPA, dual DMA controllers and so on.
CH252DS1.PDF 1.5 2024-03-04 249KB
CH252 datasheet, CH252 is a USB Type-C cable E-Marker that supports USB Type-C 2.1 standard and USB PD 3.1 standard and can be used for various Type-C cable related applications.CH252 is shipped with a default configuration burned in and supports updating the configuration data of the finished cable via the Type-C interface. Each CH252 supports up to 5 updates of the configuration data in addition to the default configuration and has a data lock function.
CH32V003DS0.PDF 1.4 2023-05-18 593KB
CH32V003 datasheet, 32-bit RISC-V core, RV32EC instruction set, with wide voltage, single-wire debug, low- power consumption, ultra-small package, etc. Provides commonly used peripheral functions, DMA, ADC, OPA, TIM, USART, I2C, SPI, etc.
CH368DS1.PDF 1.2 2024-01-18 503KB
CH368 datasheet, PCI-Express to 32-bit communication interfaces chip, supports I/O port mapping, memory mapping, expansion ROM and interrupt, used for acquisition card/IO control card/communication card, etc.
CH32X035DS0.PDF 1.7 2024-03-12 640KB
USB+USBPD microcontroller CH32X035 datasheet, X035 is an MCU based on QingKe RISC-V core with 64KB FLASH and 20K RAM, supporting USB and PD and type C. It provides ADC, OPA, CMP, SPI, serial port, Touchkey detection and other common peripheral functions.