file name version upload time size
CH643DS0.PDF 1.2 2023-06-30 668KB
RGB display driver microcontroller CH643 datasheet, based on the QingKe RISC-V core, supporting USB, PD , type C fast charging, 1-wire protocol, 48 PWMs, 288 RGB LEDs and providing ADC, OPA , SPI and UART, etc.
CH32L103RM.PDF 1.4 2024-02-06 3.56MB
PDUSB Low Power Microcontroller CH32L103 Series Reference Manual. For the application development of users, the detailed use information of CH32L103 products is provided, including ADC, OPA, CMP, USB, PD and Type-C fast charging, which is suitable for different functional resources and packaged products in the series.
BLE2U.PDF 1.3 2022-07-01 2.08MB
BLE2U manual. A BLE/UART/USB transmission module. The BLE2U implements data transmission between BLE, USB and UART. It supports BLE master-slave mode, slave mode and master mode. BLE4.2 is supported. Available PC-side USB and BLE virtual serial port driver, which is compatible with common serial applications and serial port debug tools, with no secondary development required, implementing transmission between 3 "serial ports".
CH438DS1.PDF 1.2 2021-11-19 188KB
CH438 datasheet. CH438 is an 8-UART extension chip. Each UART receive/transmit has independent 128-byte FIFO. The maximum baud rate is 4Mbps. It supports hardware flow control, compatible with 16C550/16C750. It provides 8-bit parallel interface, used for MCU 8-UART extension.
CH643RM.PDF 1.5 2023-12-14 2.83MB
Information change in the download page (Software introduction/application scope): CH643 series reference manual, developed for the user's application, provides detailed information on the use of CH643 for products with different functional resources and packages in the series.
CH32V203DS0.PDF 2.7 2023-05-18 839KB
CH32V203 is an industrial-grade enhanced low-power, small-medium capacity general-purpose microcontroller designed based on 32-bit RISC-V core, equipped with V4B core, and the operating and sleeping power consumption is significantly reduced year-on-year. It supports USB Host and USB Device functions, etc.
CH182DS1.PDF 1.2 2023-11-28 396KB
CH182 datasheet, CH182 is an industrial grade 10/100M Ethernet PHY transceiver with Auto-MDIX support. CH182 internally includes Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS), Physical Media Access Layer (PMA), Twisted Pair Physical Medium Dependent (TP-PMD), 10BASE-TX encoder/decoder, Twisted Pair Media Attachment Unit (TPMAU), MII and RMII interfaces, and other modules required for Ethernet Transceiver functions.
CH9121DS1.PDF 2.2 2021-11-19 323KB
CH9121 datasheet. Realize transparent transmission between UART and Ethernet. It supports UART and network configuration. It has built-in PHY, and supports serial device to connect to the network.
CH340DS1.PDF 3.3 2024-01-02 264KB
CH340 datasheet, USB bus converter chip which converts USB to serial port, printer port, IrDA SIR etc. Integrated clock, supports various operating systems, chip information can be customized, this datasheet is about USB to serial port and USB to Infrared Adapter SIR.
CH452DS1.PDF 2.7 2021-11-29 368KB
CH452 datasheet. CH452 can be used for 64 LEDs or 8×8 segment digital tube drive and 64-key keyboard scanning control, simplifying the workload of MCU.