file name version upload time size
CH367DS1.PDF 1.2 2021-12-10 207KB
CH367 datasheet, PCI-Express to 8-bit communication interfaces chip, supports I/O port mapping, expansion ROM and interrupt, used for acquisition card/IO control card/communication card, etc.
CH453DS1.PDF 2.1 2021-11-29 151KB
CH453 datasheet. CH453 can be used for 128 LEDs or 16×8 segment digital tube drive and 64-key keyboard scanning control.
CH463DS1.PDF 1.0 2024-03-26 183KB
CH463 datasheet, LCD display driver chip, 16 × 8 or 12 × 4 and other LCD display driver and 35-key keyboard scanning control, support for LCD backlight 64-level adjustment, 2-wire interface, compatible with I2C.
CH449DS1.PDF 1.1 2022-06-29 167KB
CH449 datasheet. Dual 4×4 matrix analog switch chip, supports I2C communication, 1.8V to 5V wide voltage. The typical value of Ron is about 5Ω. CH449 supports switch of 4 inputs and 4 outputs differential signals or 2 groups of independent 4 inputs and 4 outputs single-ended signals. CH449 can be used for multiple arbitrary routing of video, USB2.0 and other signals.
CH9445DS1.PDF 1.2 2023-08-17 364KB
CH9444/CH9445 datasheet. A super-speed MUX IC. 4:6 cross-point super-speed differential signal MUX switch. Supports cross-channel switch of 10Gbps, 5Gbps and 480Mbps USB3.1 signals, 8Gbps DP1.4 signals and other differential signals. Used in applications such as Type-C to DP, Type-C to DP+USB3.0, etc.
CH338DS1.PDF 1.1 2024-03-11 1.92MB
Industrial-grade 7-port HUB chip CH338 datasheet, 7-port USB2.0 high-speed HUB chip, supports high-performance MTT mode, 7 downstream ports concurrent processing, supports over-current detection and port power control, can be applied to computers and industrial computer motherboards, peripherals, embedded systems, etc.
CH555DS1.PDF 1.4 2022-04-12 884KB
CH555 datasheet. A USB Keyboard and RGB MCU with E8051 core. It provides 8K RAM, 64K Flash. It has built-in 128 groups of RGB LED controllers and USB Device feature, can be used for customized mechanical keyboard design.
QingKeV3_Processor_Manual.PDF 1.0 2022-12-05 341KB
QingKe V3 series microprocessor manual,QingKe V3 series microprocessors are self-developed 32-bit general-purpose MCU microprocessors based on the standard RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). The V3 series supports RV32IMAC instruction set extension, single-cycle multiplication and hardware division. In addition, it also supports Hardware Prologue/Epilogue (HPE), Vector Table Free (VTF), streamlined 2-wire serial debug interface (SDI), support for "WFE" instructions and other features.
CH237DS1.PDF 1.6 2022-06-07 174KB
CH237 datasheet. Type-A/C dual-port fast charging protocol controller, supports fast charging protocols such as PD3.0/2.0, BC1.2, etc. CH237 supports AC/DC constant voltage loop and constant current loop, with features of high integration and simplified peripherals.
CH9101DS1.PDF 1.4 2023-03-03 1.00MB
CH9101 datasheet, USB to single serial port, supports up to 3M baud rate, serial port signals support 5V/3.3V/2.5V/1.8V, CH9101 provides RS485 control and GPIO signals, built-in crystal oscillator and provides SSOP28, QFN32, QFN16 and QSOP16 packages. CH9101 supports built-in CDC driver in operating system or multi-functional high-speed VCP manufacture driver.