Full Internal Drive RGB Full-color Keyboard MCU with Type-C - CH643

CH643 is an RGB keyboard single-chip microcontroller based on QingKe microprocessor design. It provides 64K FLASH program space and 20K SRAM, 48MHz system clock frequency, supports 5V power supply, and has rich peripherals such as 12-bit ADC, PGA, SPI, UART, I2C, etc.

CH643 supports both USB data communication with USB Type-C interface and PD power transmission and fast charging, and has built-in programmable protocol I/O controller (PIOC) to support multiple 1-wire interfaces.

As an RGB characteristic MCU, it has built-in 48 PWMs and current drive. The built-in RGB display driver supports 192 RGB LEDs or 576 1-color LEDs, and the external PMOS supports 288 RGBs, which can be used for RGB keyboards, RGB panels, etc.