U Disk Control Chip CH331


CH331 is a small-capacity U disk control chip, which can realize a small-capacity U disk from 2KB to 4MB with the addition of a serial memory chip. The figure below shows the diagram of its general application.


  • Full-speed USB device interface, USB 2.0 compatible.
  • U disk can be realized by simply adding 24CXX EEPROM memory or FRAM ferroelectric memory.
  • Supports customization of the U disk manufacturer name, capacity, serial number and other information in the external memory.
  • Comply with relevant USB specifications and support U disk boot.
  • Supports WINDOWS 10/8/7/XP/Vista/Server/98 operating system, no drivers are required except WINDOWS 98.
  • Supports normal formatting under WINDOWS and provide dedicated formatting tools to optimize diskspace utilization.
  • Supports file mode, entire memory can be emulated as a file on the USB disk for the IC card reader.
  • RoHS compliant SSOP-20 lead-free package.


Development Information Datasheet: CH331DS1.PDF Schematic: CH331PCB.ZIP Tools: 1.FORMATUD.EXEevelopment Information Datasheet: CH331DS1.PDF Schematic: CH331PCB.ZIP Tools: 1.FORMATUD.EXE