7-Port Multi-function USB HUB Controller Chip CH339


CH339 is a 7-port multi-function USB HUB controller chip compliant with USB2.0 protocol specification. It integrates 7-port USB HUB, USB 100 Gigabit Ethernet, USB high-speed SD card reader, USB PD, and USB to SPI, USB to JTAG, USB to UART, and USB to I2C interfaces in a single chip. The CH339 upstream port supports USB2.0 high-speed and full-speed, while the downstream port supports USB2.0 high-speed 480Mbps, full-speed 12Mbps and low-speed 1.5Mbps, as well as several internal direct channels such as USB network card, USB high-speed card reader, USB to JTAG and so on. CH339 supports high-performance concurrent processing MTT mode, adopts industrial design and streamlined peripherals, and can be used in computer and industrial computer motherboards, docking stations, peripherals, embedded systems and other scenarios. System Block Diagram


  • 7-port USB HUB, provide 7 USB2.0 downstream port, downwards compatible with USB1.1 protocol specifications
  • Support each port independent power control or GANG overall linkage power control
  • Support each port independent overcurrent detection or GANG overall overcurrent detection
  • Support high-performance MTT mode, and provides independent TT for each port to achieve full-bandwidth concurrent transmission. The total bandwidth is 7 times that of STT.
  • Self-developed dedicated USBPHY, low-power consumption technology, supporting self-power supply or bus power supply
  • Functions such as self-power supply or bus power supply mode can be configured through the I/O pin.
  • Provide crystal oscillator, support external clock input, built-in PLL provides 480MHz clock for USBPHY
  • Non-Ethernet applications can support crystal-free mode, saving external crystals and capacitors
  • The upstream port has built-in 1.5KΩ pull-up resistor, and the downstream port has built-in pull-down resistance required by the USB Host, streamlining the periphery.
USB to Ethernet and USB High-speed Card Reader
  • Built-in self-developed 10M/100M Ethernet MAC+PHY, compatible with IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
  • Support CDC-ECM protocol and CDC-NCM protocol, free-install driver program or optional vendor driver program
  • 10M/100M auto-negotiation, support UTP CAT5E, CAT6 twisted pair, support Auto-MDIX, automatic identification of positive and negative signal lines
  • Support hibernation mode and low-power sleep mode, support network low-power configuration and dynamic power management
  • Support remote wake-up through events such as magic packets and network wake-up packets
  • Support IPv4/IPv6 packet verification, IPv4 TCP/UDP/HEAD and IPv6 TCP/UDP packet verification generation and inspection
  • Support SD and MMC cards and convert them to standard USB mass storage devices
  • Provide SDIO interface, compatible with SD card specification 2.0, compatible with MMC specification 4.5
USB to SPI Interface
  • As Host/Master mode, providing four signal lines: SCS line, SCK/CLK line, MISO/SDI line, MOSI/SDO
  • Support 8-bit data structure, support MSB or LSB transmission
  • Support SPI mode 0/1/2/3, support transmission frequency configuration, up to 60MHz, support hardware DMA to transmit and receive
  • With the cooperation of computer API, 4-wire interface devices such as FLASH, MCU and sensors can be operated flexibly.
USB to JTAG Interface
  • As Host/Master mode
  • JTAG interface provides TMS line, TCK line, TDI line, TDO line, TRST line (optional) and SRST line (optional).
  • Support high-speed USB data transmission
  • Through the cooperation of computer API, it can operate CPU, DSP, FPGA, CPLD, MCU and other devices flexibly.
USB to UART Interface
  • Emulate the standard serial port, which can be used to upgrade the original serial port peripherals or add additional serial ports through USB
  • The serial port applications under the computer-side Windows operating system are fully compatible and do not need to be modified.
  • Hardware full-duplex serial port, built-in independent transceiver buffer, communication baud rate support 2400bps~6Mbps
  • Serial port supports 8 data bits, supports parity, parity and no parity, and supports 1 or 2 stop bits.
  • Support CTS and RTS hardware automatic flow control
  • Through external level conversion devices, support RS232, RS485, RS422 and other interfaces
USB to I2C Interface
  • As Host/Master mode
  • Provide two signal lines, SCL and SDA, and support 5 transmission speeds
  • Through the cooperation of computer API, it can flexibly operate the devices with 2-wire interface, such as A/D, D/A, EEPROM and sensors.
Other Interfaces
  • Whether the HUB chip supports composite devices, non-removable devices, custom VID, PID, port configuration and USB vendors, products, serial number string descriptors, etc., can be configured through external EEPROM or internal HUB.
  • Built-in information memory, mass customization of manufacturer or product information and configuration according to the special needs of the industry
  • Processor core, high-speed USB, Ethernet and other controllers and physical layer transceiver IP are fully self-developed, with close cooperation of each module, high efficiency and low cost, and exemption from IP authorization fee.
  • USB interface pin with 6kV enhanced ESD performance, Class 3A
  • Industrial-grade temperature range: -40~85℃
  • Provide QFN68, QFN32 and other packaging forms


Package Note:CH339F is preferred, which is small in size; CH339W has many pins and focuses on complete functions.

The 0# pin is the EPAD of the QFN package and is a necessary connection.