PCI based Quad UARTs chip CH355


CH355 is a PCI based Quad-channel UARTs chip,contains Quad UARTs which compatible with 16C550. Each UART supports communication baud rate up to 4Mbps. It can be used for RS232 serial expansion based by PCI bus, PCI high-speed serial with automatic hardware speed control, serial networking, RS485 communications. The chart below is application project.


  • Four independent UARTs, compatible with 16C450, 16C550, 16C552 and 16C554 with enhanced.
  • Supports 5, 6, 7 or 8-bit Serial format and 1 or 2 stop bits.
  • Supports Odd, Even, None, space 0 and mark 1 parity, etc.
  • Programmable Baud Rate, supports 115200bps and up to 4Mbps baud rate.
  • Supports 16-bytes FIFO buffer, supports 4 FIFO trigger layers.
  • Supports MODEM signal CTS, DSR, RI, DCD, DTR, RTS, can be converted to RS232 level by 75232 chip.
  • Supports CTS, RTS to realize auto handshake and auto transmit speed control, compatible with TL16C550C.
  • Supports serial frame error check, and Break circuit interval check.
  • Supports Full-duplex and Half-duplex communication.
  • Provide two-wire serial master interface, can hang serial EEPROM similar with 24C0X to store non-volatile data.
  • Can set Vendor ID, Device ID, Class Code or other informations of PCI board in EEPROM.
  • Driver supports Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/SERVER 2003/2008/2012/2016 and Linux.
  • Support 5V or 3.3V voltage, supports low power sleep mode for serial port.
  • Chip function is equal to CH365 adds CH432 chip, providing 6 UARTs, Octal UARTs or more application project.
  • LQFP-100 lead-free package, RoHS compliant.