PCIE Extended ROM Controller CH366


CH366 is a dedicated chip for extend ROM control card based on PCI-Express bus. CH366 provides a capacity of 64KB Electro-erasable/rewritable read-only memory Flash-ROM, supports software simulate two-wire serial port which I2C compatible for data and I/O expansion, dedicated to a variety of PCIE control cards with extended ROM, including system recovery card, data protection card, network isolation card, security control card, etc. Because no additional ROM chips are needed, so these are more professional, Better looking, Easier, cheaper and simpler. The figure below shows is application block diagram.


  • Supports 32KB extended ROM (Boot ROM), supports BIOS boot without hard disk.
  • Provides Electro-erasable/rewritable read-only memory flash-ROM with a capacity of 64KB or more, supports upgrade online by client at any time.
  • Defines Identification Information (Vendor ID, Device ID, Class Code) for PCIE card by Flash-ROM.
  • Supports dynamic modify identification information (Vendor ID, Device ID, Class Code, etc.)for PCIE card when running
  • Part of internal registers and external pins SW0 and SW1 are protected, supports status lock function.
  • Provides lockable general output pins SW0 and SW1, supports reset auto-load function of PCIE.
  • Provides a non-locking universal bi-directional input and output pin SDA, provides universal input pin GPI, provides universal output pin GPO.
  • SCL pin and SDA pin can be controlled by software to simulate two-wire serial port which I2C compatible, used for data and I/O expansion.
  • Provides internal register bit which no affected by PCIE reset, used to transfer flag to extended ROM program by application.
  • 3.3V supply voltage, I/O pin supports 5V withstand voltage, supports low-power sleep mode and wake-up.