Highly integrated, low-power USB NIC chip CH397


The CH397 is a highly integrated, low-power USB NIC chip with a built-in QingKe RISC-V processor, a high-speed USB controller and transceiver PHY compliant with the USB2.1 protocol specification, and an Ethernet MAC+PHY compliant with IEEE802.3 protocol specifications and supporting 10M/100M networks. The standard USB host interface is used to extend the Ethernet interface via USB.


  • Single-chip USB2.0/2.1 to 10/100M Fast Ethernet with integrated USB PHY and Ethernet MAC and Ethernet PHY
  • Support CDC-ECM protocol and CDC-NCM protocol and RNDIS protocol, no driver installation or optional vendor driver
  • Support 10Mbps and 100Mbps rates, IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX compatible
  • Support 10M/100M Auto-Negotiation
  • Built-in TX/RX packet buffering
  • Support IPv4/IPv6 packet checksum, support IPv4 TCP/UDP/HEAD and IPv6 TCP/UDP packet checksum generation and inspection
  • Support IEEE 802.3x flow control and half-duplex conflict pressure fallback flow control
  • Support IEEE 802.3Q VLAN tagging
  • Support Sleep mode and low-power Sleep mode, support network low-power configuration, support dynamic power management
  • Support remote wake-up via events such as magic packets and network wake-up packets
  • Support CAT5E UTP cable, CAT6 UTP cable, support 120m transmission distance
  • Support Auto-MDIX exchange TX/RX, automatic identification of positive and negative signal lines
  • Optional external SPI Flash, can update user configuration
  • Support LED blinking frequency and duty cycle configuration
  • Built-in linear Low-Dropout(LDO) regulator, single power supply
  • Built-in 50Ω impedance matching resistor, built-in crystal oscillator capacitor required, peripheral circuitry streamlined
  • Processor IP, controller and transceiver IP are all self-developed and tightly integrated, high efficiency and low cost, eliminating IP license fees
  • 6KV enhanced ESD performance, Class 3A
  • QFN24, QFN32 and other packages available