ESD protection chip CH412


CH412 is a four-way ESD protection diode array, it can withstand the highest ±15KV human body model specified in IEC 61000-4-2, ±8KV contact discharge and ESD pulse of ±15KV air gap discharge, it is used for high-speed and differential signals in the external interface of electronic products as well as ESD protection for general-purpose signals.

CH412K provides 4-channel low capacitance diode protection and TVS transient voltage suppressor clamp, which is suitable for high speed and low to mediumspeed signals and can be used for USB overspeed, high speed and full speed as well as low speed signal protection.

The CH412Z provides a 4-channel TVS transient voltage suppressor clamp for low to medium speed signals and can be used for USB full speed and low speed signal protection.


  • Supports ±15KV human body model HBM.
  • Supports ±8KV contact discharge.
  • Supports ±15KV air gap discharge.
  • CH412K: Internal 4 independent clamp diodes, low input capacitance of 1pF typical, suitable for high speed and medium and low speed signals.
  • CH412Z: Internal 4 TVS clamp protection, 20pF input capacitance, suitable for medium and low speed signals.
  • Use SOT Small Volume Transistor SMD Lead-Free Package, compatible with RoHS.