HID to Serial Port Chip CH9326


CH9326 is a driver-free chip for HID to serial port. CH9326 supports bi-directional data transmission, used to receive the serial port data, and according to the HID class device specification, package the data and upload it to computer through USB, or receive USB packets witch conform to HID class device from computer, and sent them from serial port. The VID, PID and various string descriptors of the chip can be configured by software.


  • Supports 12Mbps full-speed USB device interface, USB 2.0 compatible, built-in crystal oscillator.
  • Default serial communication baud rate is 9600bps, which supports multiple serial communication
    formats and common baud rate settings.
  • Supports 5V and 3.3V power supply voltages.
  • Supports configure VID, PID, and various USB string descriptors of the chip.
  • Supports configure default baud rate of the chip.
  • Complies with USB related specifications and HID device related specifications.
  • RoHS compliant SOP-16 lead-free package.


relation files

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