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CH397DS1.PDF CH397 is a highly integrated, low-power USB NIC chip with built-in QingKe RISC-V processor, high-speed USB controller and transceiver PHY compliant with USB2.1 protocol specification, and Ethernet MAC+PHY compliant with IEEE802.3 protocol specification, supporting 10M/100M network. Standard USB host interface for all kinds of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, game consoles, etc., used to extend the Ethernet interface via USB. 1.3 2023-05-11
WCHUSBNIC.EXE USB2.0 NIC driver 1.4 2023-05-17
PRODUCT_GUIDE.P... Electronic selection of product selection manual, please refer to related product technical manual for more technical information. 1.4 2018-12-29
PACKAGE.PDF Common package dimensions for CH series ICs: DIP, SKDIP, SDIP, SOP, SSOP, MSOP, QFP, LQFP, QFN, ... 3.6 2023-12-20